The Other Way

– Másképp –



“Looking back on the past 20 years, it seems to me that tere is not much difference between the life of an opera singer and a marathon runner. What is needed is enormous discipline, hard work, perseverance, long-term effort – an investment, so to speak. These present a series of challenges – facing them makes you stronger and even more experienced. And of course, you need courage to be able to make an extraordinary CD, such as this one. Yes, courage – an luck – is necessary for a group of fantastic musicians of all sorts to find the same wavelenght; and to make music together so professionally, with so much love, forming a stable basis for the bridging of genres. And let us not forget all the work behind the scenes, ensuring the best possible conditions. All I can do is express my gratitude. Thank you fr all the love, for accepting me, for being so patient – and above all, thank you for this exceptional CD. Because there is no OTHER WAY to do it!” /Erika Miklósa/


1. Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires – Yo Soy Maria (3:27)
2. Gershwin: Porgy and Bess – Summertime (3:44)
3. Bernstein: Candide – Glitter and Be Gay (5:34)
4. Händel: Eternal source of light divine (3:49)
5. Verdi: La Traviata – É strango, é strano… (5:46)
6. J. Strauss: Denevér / Die Fledermaus – Csárdás (4:35)
7. Kálmán: A csárdáskirálynő – Álom, álom (4:28)
8. Bizet: Carmen – Habanera (4:29)
9. Pacheco: Ha uma música do povo (3:35)
10. Delibes: Lakmé – Oú va la jeune Indue? (7:58)
11. Monnot: Hymne á l’amour (Edith Piaf dala) (3:05)
12. Porter: Let’s do it! (4:22)
13. Hupfeld: As Time Goes By (Casablanca film betétdala) (3:26)